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Thread: Fuel Problems

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    Fuel Problems

    I am having problems with my truck shutting off. It idles fine then will drive for a few minutes and die again. I have been having this problem for roughly a month. I figured it was a fuel filter problem, I replaced it and continues to do the same thing. I recently purchased an Air Dog 100 and filter delete. It started and idled fine but when I tried to drive it, it died again. I cracked the bleeder screw while the Air Dog was running and nothing happened. So, I then tried priming with the priming bulb, and the bulb was suctioned down and would not come up. I'm running out of ideas and need help. Thank you.

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    @Diesel Dawgs Performance any ideas on this one?

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    Re: Fuel Problems

    Another dead thread, but a little help for others. The fuel filter assembly will leak ever so slightly as to loose prime and make the truck run funny if at all.

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